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Here is our story and key features

About Us

How it started

The idea of creating a server started back mid 2021 when a friend and I (EEZYAU) decided to create a server using QB-Core Framework. From then I learned some pretty cool skills and techniques which later on led to making a Redzone server with help from Developers. Whilst making this Redzone Server We had started working on our Roleplay server (Aussie Roleplay) as that was the original plan. We found that the creation the the Roleplay was delayed allowing the Redzone to be released first.

Rust Features

Rusty Atlas is a Rust 5x server originally created by Modern and EEZYAU on 08/05/2022, we were tired of servers with poor staff, owners etc. So we made this server, we strive to have the best staff roster, best owners and so on.

Roleplay Features

Aussie Roleplay is an ESX server based on 100k or Die gameplay, allowing PvP in a Free-Roam world, Some features of this server include; Custom Cars, Custom Clothing, Whitelisted Gangs (Access to start turf wars, own houses, import custom accessories) Gang Turf Wars, Custom Robberies and Hiests, Drug Crafting Scripts.

How to Join

Redzone; To join the Redzone server you can search in FiveM search engine 'Aussie Redzone' or paste the following into a browser: ... Roleplay: The Roleplay server is currently in development and unreleased with no official release date yet!

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Rusty Atlas

The best upcoming AU/NZ Rust server.

Aussie Roleplay

An upcoming Australian 100k or Die Rolplay Server. You may connect using: (UNRELEASED)

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