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The Partner Program

What Is The Partner Program?

The Partner Program is a special service we offer to the best of the servers in our community.

These servers meet our highest standards and are monitored closely!

You can let your children play on these servers knowing they go above our community guidelines and are very well monitored.

Each Server in the partner program is fully accessible by the owner so he can regularly check on the settings and config of the server to ensure these servers stay a top server.

The Partners get all their servers displayed here on the website with custom content written for each server.

Each partner remains the sole owner of the server and all donations go-to the server owner.

Partner servers are servers that don't promote paid content or have a pay to play cause, they are aloud donations and paid content but they are not aloud to have pay to access.

Partner Servers are allowed to have whitelist's to prevent randoms joining, these servers will have special tags added to them on the website so you know. You can request access from the server owner to get yourself, or your child on the list.

How Do I Join The Partner Program?

To join the Partner Program you must meet a certain criteria.

The Criteria is as follows:

  1. The Server Meets our Community Guidelines
  2. The Server has atleast one active admin
  3. There is no pay to access
  4. The Aussie Gaming is the used Community both in discord and refrence
  5. You are willing to give the owner access to your accounts regarding the server
  6. Your Server is open to the owner for evaluation
  7. You agree to and promise to uphold everything in the Privacy Policies laid out on this website and Elixr Solutions's .
  8. You Agree the owner has full control over your server should he need it, only for the purpose of upkeeping the server to our highest standards.
  9. The Partners may have their own ban list but Must also Use TAG's Supplied Ban List.

If you believe you and your server meets this criteria you can put in an application using the form below!

Can I Leave The Partner Program?

Absolutley! Any partner is free to leave the program whenever they feel like they want to.

When a partner leaves our program your server will be removed from our listings and all perks revoked.

When a partner leaves our program you may still advertise your server as a community server.

Before a partner leaves our program they must notify the owner at least 24 hours prior to allow him to make nessecary changes.

A Partner may also take a temporary leave of position. However when they return their server must be evaluated to ensure it is still up to standards.

What Are The Perks Of The Partner Program?

Each partner gets special perks.

  1. Each partner gets their own Private zone! Think of this like a private place for you and your choice of people to hang away from everyone else.
  2. Each partner gets full access to the discord, channels and other area's not including each partners private zone.
  3. Each partner gets access to our Ban List for players and may add to it. Partners may also Post thier own Ban Lists.
  4. Each partner gets full priority support from the owner in regards to their servers, server issues and player issues.
  5. Each partner gets a custom written web page for their server with their own donation links included.
  6. If the server allows it each server page will have a direct connect click link which will open the game and connect to that server.
  7. Priority Support on the Top Servers Online Mods & Lister.
  8. Support With DiscordLink Server Features.
  9. Each Server Gets its Own Section in the Discord

The Partners Perks are ever expanding as new features become available

Partner Request Form