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Community Guidelines

By Joining our Community you agree to these guidelines and our Terms and Conditions!

Community Guidelines!

  1. No Phishing! - Phishing is trying to gain ones personal details and is not allowed here! This rule is exempt in the events of Personal Catch ups, Meetups, Lans - These events are held at your own discretion and nothing that happens at these events can be brought back to us unless organised and held by us.
  2. No Racist Speech! - There's a place for this and its not here!
  3. Under 15s Role is for Under 15s Only!
  4. No Personal Advertising! - There is a section for this Check out #
  5. NSFW Channels Will remain as respectful as possible! no Under 15s will have access to these channels! - Anyone found to have an Under 15s role and is not under 15 will be removed from the role and given the correct role!
  6. Respect Fellow players and play spaces!
  7. The safety of information is important to us! even though some people may choose to meetup in person this is not something we can stop, we discourage it, But if you choose to meetup in person with other players, please follow our guidelines set out for meeting up with another person set out in the meetups channel! Under 15s are Prohibited Access from this area! And shall receive no access!
  8. Trolls are not really tolerated here! But don't worry guys we haven't forgotten about you! you get your own section! your very own place to be a troll!

Anyone who doesn't follow these Guidelines will receive 2 warnings then on the 3rd warning all voice and chat privileges will be removed for 2 days, and last offence (No. 4) you will be banned/kicked from the server! Thanks for playing with us!