Aussie RP (100korDie) Rule Book

Aussie RP (100korDie) Rule Book PINNED LOCKED

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Aussie RP

Character Creation

Upon joining the server you MUST create a character, staying as default isn’t allowed.
Weird names and names containing TOS are not permitted.
You may not have a Female Ped (Character) Unless you are a born Female IRL. This is considered trolling.


Staff Disrespect
Disrespecting staff members is not permitted, they are there voluntarily to help, don't be a dick.
Don’t cry about your bans to a staff member, if you have an issue, place a ticket in discord.


Server Disrespect
Disrespecting the server publicly is prohibited, if you feel you have an issue with the server, feel free to open a discord ticket and address the issue calmly.


Cheating on our server/s is definitely NOT PERMITTED, Doing this will result in a Permanent Network Ban.
Failure to join discord for a PC Check will result in a permanent ban, Once called YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES.
Receiving money or items from a hacker must be reported to staff instantly!


KOS / Declaration
KOS “Kill on Sight” is not allowed for any non-gang members on this server.
In order to kill someone you must hold an active declaration with them within the last 3 minutes.
If you have robbed someone "100korDie'd" them, you must wait 15+ Minutes before robbing another person.


Combat Peaks
You cannot “Q” peak or “GHOST” peak.
Crosshairs are allowed and are recommended.


Clips must be longer than 30 seconds.
“No Clip, No sit”, if someone has evidence on you doing something and you don't have evidence to back it, you will be punished according to what is shown. can not be used in wagers.
All clips must be posted in #player-reports, can not be screenshared to staff.


Combat Logging
Combat Logging is the act of Leaving (Logging Out) of the server to avoid something, This includes, leaving while dead, in police custody, getting robbed, etc. If you wish to leave the server, finish the roleplay then feel free to do so.


RDM "Random Death Match"
The term "Random Deathmatch" refers to a player being killed in a game without any prior roleplaying activities. This is not acceptable.


VDM "Vehicle Death Match"
VDM “Vehicle DeathMatch” is when you purposely run over someone with your vehicle or crash into another player's vehicle on purpose. The only time this is acceptable is if you are being directly threatened.


Hate Speech/Racism
We will not accept any toxicity, hate speech, racism, or other prejudiced, offensive language on the server or in discord. Any players who deliberately start or instigate conflicts without cause will be dealt with by a staff member in accordance with their actions. Although "trash talk" is not against the rules, it will be treated as harassment and toxicity if it gets out of hand or becomes personal.


Stream Sniping
Aussie RP is streamer friendly and we wish to keep it as that, stream sniping is under no circumstance allowed.
Stream-sniping takes the form of entering a streamer's broadcast of a game and using an informational or resource advantage to harass the player and prevent them from making any progress in the game.


NLR (New Life Rule)
NLR "New Life Rule” is simply not being able to remember anything after respawning “New Life''. You may not return to the area of death for 15 minutes, some areas are excepted, eg. outside grove, hospital, or just main public areas. You may go back to those main areas just don't have any intent of trolling or being an idiot.


Exploiting is using the mechanics/bugs of the game to help you in character. You are not allowed to exploit in the game no matter the reason. For Example, using emotes or a ragdoll effect to glitch yourself through locked doors. This also means you can not PB while you are dead on the ground. Using a money or weapon/item duping glitch. Also using a macro for any form of money providing activities is prohibited.

Wearing Helmets to Eat Headshots is also prohibited.


TOS acts and Language 

Terms of Service words are words that aren’t allowed to be said/spoken of when broadcasting on twitch.

- Some Examples of TOS Words include:
- Hard R (N-Word ending with an R),
- F Slur (Homophobic word),
- “Tranny”,
- Anything Rape Related,
- Virgin may be used, just not used to harass someone.

Abuse of someone because of their age, veteran status, physical attributes, impairments, or medical issues is another prohibited violation.


Cop Baiting
Cop Baiting is prohibited. When you purposefully attempt to involve the police in a chase or other active situation without any genuine intention of roleplaying, you are said to be "cop baiting." A few examples include: performing a burnout at a traffic stop, performing doughnuts in front of a police cruiser.

Along with this, stealing cop vehicles without proper RP is prohibited.


Punching someone once, a police officer tasing and running over a player is not initiation.
Valid Forms of initiation are;

- Aiming at someone with intent to kill, 

- Shooting at a car, 

- Stealing an item or vehicle, 

- Pushing into an active robbery after being warned, 

- Punching someone more than twice, 

- Purposefully and continuously ramming with a vehicle, 

Gang Initiation; Saying “Gang Name K” (the gang must act first)


Advertising other servers or Discords is not allowed. This is only allowed for whitelisted gang discord servers in the #gang-rc channel ONLY!


Power Gaming
Power gaming is not permitted. Running into a greenzone during an active rp scene to protect yourself is an example of Power Gaming. Similarly, dying inside an active turf war and not respawning on purpose to force a tie is viewed as powergaming.


Meta Gaming
Metagaming is the practice of using information obtained outside of character and outside of in-game rp for personal gain. This is not acceptable. A discord call with a member of your gang, for instance, can result in them telling you where they are without either of you having spoken to or interacted with the other in-game through roleplay.


Fail RP
Fail RP is doing something that wouldn't happen in the real world. Or an event surrounding an action that your character commits that is not probable.


Fear RP
When confronted with two or more aggressors, you must comply while fearing for your life. If you are with a friend, you must comply when there are two more on the aggressor's side than on your side. Breaking Fear RP would be attempting to run away/kill them/ignore their demands while three people have a gun to your head.


ERP “Erotic Roleplay”
Sexual RP must be at the consent of both parties in order for it to be appropriate. If you engage in ERP you must do so in the privacy of your own home or out of the view of others (be respectful of streamers). Performing a sexual act on someone without their permission will result in a ban.

Any form of doxxing any community member will result in an INSTANT ban, and will result in the police being contacted about your actions. 
Your just not cool, so dont do it.

The max you can scam someone for is 100k or less any more then that will be a ban.

You may not scam in ANY WAGERS eitherscamming for IRL Money or In-Game Money will both result in a ban.


Robbery & Police Rules

Outside Shooters (Externals):

Max 1 for a Store

Max 2 For a Fleeca

Max 3 for a Pacific Bank

Once you rob the bank/store and no police have arrived u must wait another 2 minutes before leaving to allow police to arrive.


Turfs and RedZones


- You are not allowed to be on rooftops

- Once you enter the zone its KOS

- Once you run in, players may still kill you if you run out of the zone.

- You can not PB in Turfs or Redzones

- Do Not chase people outside of the zone with the intent to kill them.

- You must announce to everyone in the turf that you are starting one 10 Seconds before starting it.

- You may not take Vehicles into Jungle or Turfs, Opium is accepted.



- GANG MEMBERS may only enter the turf, no allies, only a member of a gang

- Gangs may only run 1 Turfs at a time!

- No teaming in turfs with other gangs.

- You can only use pistols in a turf, no Assault rifles or Large Weapons.

- You can not drive any vehicles through a turf zone.

- There are to be no Turfs started unless there are a minimum of 5 Members of another gang online.


Note: Gangs may purchase Block Turfs, this will place a Turf War on their block/desired location.


The use of police weapons while off-duty is prohibited.

You may not freeroam while on duty, once your done patrolling, SIGN OFF, Considered expoliting.

Police may not interfere with cops or charge suspects for discharge at a turf.

Under any circumstance you may not breach apartments, unless Police Supervisor contacts and receives permission from Management.

Police may only raid each drug location, once a day.

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