Keys and Commands

Keys and Commands LOCKED

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Agent Fumbles


Keys and Commands

Aussie RP



/register - creates your character, or edits.

/die - Commits suicide ingame.

/emotesmenu - opens the emote menu, /e (emote name) can also be used.

/report (reason) - To report an issue to a staff member.

/atm - to open account (must be near an ATM)

/pb - Piggybacks nearest player

/th - Takes the nearest player hostage (must have their hands up and be equipped with a loaded pistol.)

/lb - Used to open/close the Gang Leaderboard.

/leavegang - Command used to remove your current gang roles. 

/turfs - To see if there are any active turfs being captured.

/repair - Used to temporarily repair your vehicle to get to a mechanic. Type /repair again in a mechanic zone to fully repair.


F10 - Opens Online playerboard

F5 - Opens Civilian (Interaction) menu

F1 - Opens phone (must have one)

F2 - Opens inventory

TAB - Opens weapon wheel

K or /Kmenu - Must be in a certain zone, Used to TP to combat/wager areas. Can be used at, Grove street, Ramps and all other Arenas.

R - Revive in a wager zone.

X - Raises Hands up.

F6 - Opens Job Menu.

PAGEUP or /Key - Opens House Key Menu

K - Opens Vehicle Trunk Storage 

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