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Steam Name: mus4kt

Steam Profile URL:

Real age: 14

Discord Name and Tag: Woo#0722

Timezone (eg AEST, NZT): AEDT


On average how long have you been playing Fivem, and how many hours?: I would have atleast 1000 hours.

Why do you want to be staff? (100 Words Min.): I want to be staff since I have experience in this industry of 100k or die servers and have owned an 100k or die. I am a bit known in com and I would get along with people really easily. I also believe that I am really easy to like if you get to know me. I like to staff servers when I play them and look at them by getting into the server and testing it out. From flying in I found that the server is really good and com is really good to hang out with as a whole.

Do you have any experience as a staff? If so what server and role?: Yes I do. The Aussie RZ that stole EEZYs files. I was head admin. OneLife RP I was head management and Astro RP I was management.

Why should we accept you over any other applicant? (50 Words Min.): You should accept me over other people because I am mature and I am not bias over if they are my mates or not. If something happens that is related to the server such as hacking or RDM I make sure I stop what I'm doing unless it is important and I check it out.

On average how many hours could you put into the server weekly?: I can spend around 36-48 hours a week.


(Unerline the following answers)

Do you understand that being inactive without requesting leave, would result in a termination of roles?:
Yes or No

Do you understand that if you use your permissions as a benefit of the gameplay, they can be terminated?:
Yes or No

Do you understand that you will not instantly receive full permissions, and put on a trial till proven that you can handle well?:
Yes or No

Have you read the rules and have a good understanding of them?:
Yes or No

Terms of Service

  • If found lying anywhere in this application it will result in an instant denial.
  • Asking about the application, or asking to review it may result in being held back or denied.
  • Changing your discord or forum name post creating an application may affect the process.
  • Boasting about your acceptance as staff may result in instant termination.
    Do you agree to the following? (Yes or No)


Hello, Woo

We are sorry to say, but your application for staff has been denied. The reason for being denied, a bit young and overloaded with staff. We are currently looking for well experienced staff. I'd recommend playing the server more and engaging with the community before reapplying at a later date.



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