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Steam Profile URL:

Real age: 21

Discord Name and Tag:  ᴍᴀɴɴʏ#5560

Timezone (eg AEST, NZT):  AWST


On average how long have you been playing Fivem, and how many hours?: i have been plying fivem for about 2 years 3.5k hours

Why do you want to be staff? (100 Words Min.): i feel ill be a good fit for a staff role as i think ill give a good hand in helping the server with helping fix/work with all the toxic player and sending them to where they have to go. I have also really join this server and it has good and enjoyable people that come along with it. I wish to help out in the com by staffing and keeping all them toxic people out as stated before, also wish to help as ive wait some time for help would like to learn to roles of being a mod.

Do you have any experience as a staff? If so what server and role?: i do not but i wish to learn 

Why should we accept you over any other applicant? (50 Words Min.): i think you should pick me over other apps as i will do what is needed to be done to help with anything around the server i will be on most of the day if im needed i will be there to even help with discord problems and in server ones 

On average how many hours could you put into the server weekly?: 5 hours a day around 35 hours a week


(Unerline the following answers)

Do you understand that being inactive without requesting leave, would result in a termination of roles?:
Yes or No  YES

Do you understand that if you use your permissions as a benefit of the gameplay, they can be terminated?:
Yes or No  YES

Do you understand that you will not instantly receive full permissions, and put on a trial till proven that you can handle well?:
Yes or No  YES

Have you read the rules and have a good understanding of them?:
Yes or No  YES

Terms of Service

  • If found lying anywhere in this application it will result in an instant denial.
  • Asking about the application, or asking to review it may result in being held back or denied.
  • Changing your discord or forum name post creating an application may affect the process.
  • Boasting about your acceptance as staff may result in instant termination.
    Do you agree to the following? (Yes or No)  YES


Hello, Lifestyl 

Thank you for submitting a staff application, you have been moved to the interview stage. From here in the Aussie RP discord @Myself or Agent Fumbles. From there you will be given a role that you will be able to see when we am around for interviews.


Big E

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