Staff application!

Staff application!

Created At: 2023-03-17 12:54:23



Steam Name: Brodsat4hire1

Steam Profile URL:

Real age: 15

Discord Name and Tag: Brodsta4hire#0123

Timezone (eg AEST, NZT): AEST


On average how long have you been playing Fivem, and how many hours?:  I have beej playing fivem for around a year i know my way around it and i am unaware of my hours

Why do you want to be staff? (100 Words Min.): 1. Experience - I have prior experience working as a staff member in a Discord server or a similar platform. i know how to engage with users in a professional manner, respond to conflicts, and help maintain order in the community. my-experience can help ensure smooth operations and a positive atmosphere. 

  1. 2. Communication - As a multilingual writer, posses excellent communication skills. i can write in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand. i can use language skills to help welcome members, assist users in different languages, and moderate discussions.  
    1. 3. Active participation - i have a genuine interest in the community and want to see it grow. I actively participate by engaging in discussions, promoting the server, and suggesting ideas and improvements. I can contribute to the server's growth and help it become a thriving community. 
      1. 4. Professionalism - I have a professional attitude and demeanor that can help set the tone for the entire community. I will also treat everyone with respect and let your actions speak for themselves. I can help foster a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment for all users.  
        1. Overall, my experience, communication skills, active participation, and professionalism make myself a great candidate for a staff member in your Discord server. I can help the community grow, foster a positive atmosphere, and contribute to its success.

Do you have any experience as a staff? If so what server and role?: Yes i have alot of staff experience i was a staff member in NBN and my role in there was Senior Mod

Why should we accept you over any other applicant? (50 Words Min.): 

  1. I am writing to express my interest in joining your esteemed Discord community as a member. With my experience and skills, I believe that I would be an asset to your server and contribute significantly to its growth and development.

On average how many hours could you put into the server weekly?: I will be active everyweek maybs not weekends 


(Unerline the following answers)

Do you understand that being inactive without requesting leave, would result in a termination of roles?:

Do you understand that if you use your permissions as a benefit of the gameplay, they can be terminated?:

Do you understand that you will not instantly receive full permissions, and put on a trial till proven that you can handle well?:

Have you read the rules and have a good understanding of them?:

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