Template for Police Application

Template for Police Application PINNED LOCKED

Created At: 2022-04-29 14:21:01



To create an application;

1. Copy the template below
2. Create a thread by going HERE and click create thread
3. Name the Thread the following ( {Steam Name}'s Staff Application)
4. Paste the template and answer!


Steam Name:

Real age:

Discord Name and Tag:

In-Game Name:


Are you prepared to complete Police Academy Training, your actions and skills will be graded? (yes or no):

Do you have a criminal record or anything you assosiate with? (if so what?):

Are you in a gang, if so state the name of gang and rank:

How many hours could you put in as an officer?:

Short Character Backstory (50 words min.):

Why do you want to be police? (no word limit, more the better):


(Unerline the following answers)

Do you understand that being inactive without requesting leave, would result in a termination of rank?:
Yes or No

Do you understand that if caught being corrupt your role will be removed?:
Yes or No

Do you understand that you will not instantly receive full permissions, and put on a trial till proven that you can handle well?:
Yes or No


Terms of Service

  • If found lying anywhere in this application it will result in an instant denial.
  • Asking about the application, or asking to review it may result in being held back or denied.
  • Changing your discord or forum name post creating an application may affect the process.
    Do you agree to the following? (Yes or No)
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