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Official Servers. Servers Provided By TAG!

Official Servers are provided by us and follow a very strict code of conduct!

You can be sure of your child/family's safety when playing on these servers.

Our admins are Highly revered and very helpful and will help look after your children in the online world!

Partner Servers. Servers Hosted By Our Partners!

Our Labeled Partners are the hosters of these servers and provide these servers to our community to use and enjoy.

Partner Hosted servers also follow our Community Guidelines.

Each partner hoster server have been approved by us to be used in our community and as such we list them here on our website

Banned List. Servers Not Hosted By Us or Affiliated.

Are you worried about the servers your children play on Or are even just curious about a server that says they are from our community?

Check out our Ban List.

These servers have been deemed unfit for our community and are not allowed to be advertised in our online community or are previous partner servers that have broken our Community Guidelines