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Banned Servers

A Banned server is a server not allowed in our community by either means of advertising or linking to.

Linking to or advertising a banned server will get you a warning.

A banned server may also be a server previously listed in our community that has breached our Community Guidelines.

A Banned server may also be be banned by someone claiming to be a partner in the community when they are not.

Community Ran Servers are allowed however they must meet our Guidelines and Conform to our Terms and conditions. But they can not claim to be TAG Partner Servers or TAG Official Servers.

If you believe there is a server that isn't listed here but should be please notify the support team!

If your server is in this list there are 2 things you can do.

1. Contact Support and let them know your server now is up to our Community Guideline/Terms And Condition's Standars and wait for an evaluation.

2. Delete your old server and start again provided you are up to our standards.

Server Name Server IP Server Port # Date Banned Reason For Ban
Whew No Servers Currently In our list