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Downunder Gaming 5x

Downunder Gaming 5x is a up to 5x gather rate Modified Rust server. it is a Solo Duo Trio server designed for all players.

Downunder Uses a seperate discord server for this server. Fink the link below!

For More information on donations, where they go, how they are used and if there are any benefits? Click: Here.

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Up too 5x Gather. Get Up And Running Faster!

With up to 5x gather rates you don't need to worry about getting the resources to protect your base!

Build Bigger, Better, Stronger, Loot faster and get where you need to quicker!

Custom Mods. Elevators anyone?

With Custom plugins, This server has it's own twist's up its sleves!

With Plugins such as, Elevators, Random Airstrikes, Sinkable Cargo Ship, Destroyable Cargo Planes, Home Teleports, deathnotes, Private Messages and much more!

Easy to use commands for when you need help! Such as /help, /report and everything is logged to discord! This helps the admins to keep track of everything in-game, not to mention you can chat to anyone on our server from discord and they can respond!

Blueprints. Does Anyone have an AK BP?

With our custom Blueprint manager you get those pesky little blueprints straight off the bat as well as a few others we think you should have.

Just Started? No problem! We Keep our blueprints for a month! They reset when each official Monthly Patch Comes out!

Upcoming. VIP, Events and More!

While we progress and our playerbase continues to grow we will be adding more and more features to the server!

We will be hosting Random Events, Adding The VIP Group with access to new and locked features!

Keep Up To Date with all new and upcoming features in the Discord.