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Monkeys Funhouse.

Monkeys Funhouse is a Star System World! While all spawn options are available we want you to start on earth.

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Earth Start. Ahhh Crap!

While All Spawns are available we want you to start on earth, start in the place it all started and launch to the sky!

Will you be the first into space? Or the first to mars? Make your mark by building your space-station first!

Custom Settings. Why is this so slow?

Building, Grinding, drilling, Smelting, Assemblers? All take forever right? We have upped the rates on these to 10x but kept the gather rate vanilla.

Can't Have it too easy right?

Upped Backpack sizes, Enabled Mobs, Scripts, No Tool Shake, Mods, Proggession and other stuff. (Airtightness Included)

Mods. Oh good lord thank you!

Yes we use mods and scripts! Wouldn't be much fun without them!

Laser Multitools! Weld or grind (even dig) with the one tool! (requires a ship).

Interior Doors! Pretty Windows on the doors and function as they should!

Bigger Hanger Doors! Like really big... Make Massive hangers on your ships with these bad boys!

Clear Eyes!(Removes Lense Glare On LCD's)

Bigger Backpacks! Like bigger... much much bigger..

Sheilds! No one likes their ship being blow up within the first 10 seconds of combat right?

And a few others i forgot about!