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Monkeys Playground.

Monkeys Playground is a slightly adjusted server to suit much better gameplay to help players reach better heights!

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24 Hour Airdrops. Gotta Get Me That Loot!

Every 60 minutes an airdrop is dropped into the map! But Be Warned! PVP Is Enabled on this server!

Fight over the ammo and food in the airdrops, get home safely and prep for tomorrow! Frequent Airdrops to help all players get a chance at getting one!

10 Blood Moon Zombies. Help? Please?

Every Blood moon there is 10 Zombies Spawning per player every 40 seconds! The More You Kill, The More That Come Back!

Gear up or Bunker up! These Zombies are relentless, they feel no remorse and each blood moon... they get worse..

Customized Settings. More Loot, More Everything!

Loot Abundance upped to 150% and respawn time reduced to 2 days.

Will these settings help you out? Probably not, as the zombies will run at night and run during the day(oh yeah there are ferals)

And you know its not just the zombies you gotta worry about, PVP is enabled to all non allies! Build Big groups or go it alone! But you don't need to worry about killing Bob as you guys are friends!

Dropped on death? Toolbelt. Dam, there go your weapons! Can you get them back? Oh! You also keep everything when you log out!

18H Day Cycle! 45 Minutes for the Day 15 Minutes for night! Can you survive the night?