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TAG Playhouse.

TAG Playhouse is an official The Aussie Gaming Server.

TAG Playhouse is closely monitored to ensure that everyone gets a joyful experience, With active admins you know that any issues can be taken care of with ease!

Our admins are trained to handle every situation with professionalism and compassion, are admins are not afraid to remove anyone from the server that causes problems for the other players

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Active Meteor. Running a 45 Day Meteor!

The 45 day meteor gives you time to build how you want to build while still working towards destroying this meteor!

Why 45 dyas? Isn't that a bit long?

The 45 days is due to the collabortation settings, the extra time also allows you to test the limits of building in eco. Show us what can you build! We pick a few buildings to take screenshots to add to our gallery!

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TSO Voting Enable. Oh Thy Sweet XP!

We have our Server listed on Top Servers Online. Intergrated with thier mod they offer rewards for voting for thier server! Check it out at: TAG Playhouse.

We offer our players 2XP for each vote for the server! Votes are not required but are appreciated!

TSO Is not affiliated with TAG But it is TAG's Recomended Server Listing Website.

Customized Settings. Laws, Currency, Skill Development.

With some tweaked settings, preset laws and initial currency how bad could it be? The laws set out at the start help to keep the planet healthy so you can beat that meteor!

Finding eco a bit to easy? Slowly getting bored? nothing to do?

Our settings are a bit different to make the game a bit harder, Very High Collaboration pushes every profession to the limits making every role count! Pick your profession wisely as leveling them up takes a lot of work!

Just starting out? No problem! This server offers currency to all new players to help them get a good start!

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