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Terms And Conditions

By Joining our community you hereby agree to our terms and conditions!

  1. Members of the discord channel must have verified their email with discord to confirm they are in fact human
    • The exception to this term is the Bots in the channel used for extension purposes
  2. Members of the steam group must have verified their email with steam.
    • This provides an extra level of security to your account which protects our members from theft or fraud
  3. Your personal information will remain confidential as well as information shared between our support personnel and yourself
    • This is further defined in The Privacy Act 1988 
  4. Any information gained by us will never be handed out to 3rd parties without prior consent.
    • Exceptions being PayPal or other payment methods used for
      • Purchase Inquires
      • Refund Inquiries
      • Purchases Or Refunds
  5. Staff members other then support staff, Head of staff or The owner will never ask you for your personal information other then
    • In Game ID
    • Steam ID
    This information is only to help the aid in your in game requests or personal game invites,
  6. Any of your personal information including, Name, Age, Address, Email Address, Gender, Passwords, Account Numbers, Player ID numbers, Steam ID numbers will only be transferred between the following parties among our staff
    • The Owner
    • Head Of Staff
    • Head Of Support
    • Support Personal You are Currently Dealing With
    These members of staff have access to your personal information only on the grounds of confirmation Support Staff ID Number! If one of our staff members does not conatin a support ID Listed on this Website please contact The Owner Imediately as your personal information may have become compromised.
  7. All of your required information will be given to support personnel upon request for help, failing to do so will result in no help being given, if you believe Fraudulent behavior to be occurring please refer back to Term number 6.
  8. All of your personal information is given at your own discretion and at your own risk! We do not guarantee the safety of your information, only the guarantee on non - Voluntary distribution of your information. Thus meaning we cannot, will not share your information with any other 3rd party without prior consent
  9. All children issues must be dealt with via their parent and or Guardian, in order to use this feature the parent or guardian must register with our support team to set up recovery details to ensure we are dealing with the correct people to ensure your children stay safe
  10. Any child may be given the "Parental Lock Role" On our discord channel, this Lock prevents them from access to any Adult accessible voice channels or text channels, this role like all children roles can only be removed/lifted by our Head of support, Head of Staff, Community Manager or The owner himself. This Requires Confirmation With The Parent Or Gaurdian That Has Registered With The Support Team.
  11. No child role can be removed unless these exceptions are met:
    • The person with the role is found out to be Over the age of 15
    • The parent and or guardian have consented to the role being removed VIA:
      • Setting an appointment with the support staff to do so via Email.
    • Completion of the verification process is via voice chat, you may request a phone call from our support team or via the supplied voice chat on our discord.
    This also Comes under the Terms 6. 7. 8

By participating in our community through this website, Our known discord server, Our known Team speak server and our Steam online community, you agree to these terms laid out before you, Each term is set in place to ensure your personal safety, the safety of every other member in the community and our names, Names being, The Aussie Gaming.

The Aussie Gaming is owned by Elixr Solutions and falls under their Privacy Policy as well which can be found Here.

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